Please call our hotline on Erev Shabbos to see if the Eruv is up
(718) 849-ERUV (3788).


The Eruv was last checked on June 14 and is usable for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Please be advised that due to construction on the Van Wyck Exwy, the Eruv has been temporarily rerouted. Until further notice, the entire corner of Jamaica Ave. and the Van Wyck Expressway Service Road is outside of the Eruv.


Please Note:

  1. One SHOULD NOT carry on the streets on which the Eruv runs.
  2. The entire LIRR platform behind the Homestead is outside the Eruv.
  3. On Austin Street, the LIRR platform, including the entire parking lot, and the pathway along the
    stores, and the staircase leading up to Lefferts Blvd, are outside of the Eruv

The Kew Gardens Sabbath Council was started over 45 years ago by a group of dedicated individuals to help the Jewish community of Kew Gardens in their Sabbath observance by building and maintaining a community Eruv. An Eruv is a Rabbinic device used in Jewish communities for hundreds of years to transform private and public properties into a single domain through the use of walls, fences or wires thus enabling its owners to carry in the joined area on the Jewish Sabbath.

Over the years, the Kew Gardens Eruv was expanded to include a growing section of Richmond Hill, and even extending up to Briarwood, in order to accommodate the growth and enhance the Sabbath observance of the greater Kew Gardens Jewish community.

The Eruv is checked every week before the Sabbath by a group of dedicated individuals to ensure that no walls or wires are broken and to ensure that repairs are made as quickly as possible.

The Eruv operates as a non-for-profit 503© organization and relies solely upon donations from community members. Please support our efforts so we can help support your ability to observe the Sabbath in as optimal a fashion as possible.

A project of Kew Gardens Sabbath Council Inc.